Light Lifting

Light Lifting by Alexander MacLeod. The blurb from the back cover: “Light Lifting, Alexander MacLeod’s long-awaited first collection of short fiction, offers us a suite of darkly urban and unflinching elegies. These are elemental stories of work and its bonds, of tragedy and tragedy barely averted, but also of beauty, love and fragile understanding.”

I read Light Lifting more than a month ago and have been waiting since then for a few free minutes to put together an intelligent review and, well, that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon. Not the ‘free time’ part or, let’s be honest, the ‘intelligent’ part. Instead, I’ll tell you what I’ve been telling everyone within earshot for weeks now: you must read this book.

Read it as soon as possible.

It is so brilliant and so utterly absorbing that it was all I could do to not pitch it away in a fit of jealousy. (That’s a compliment.)

So…you’re going to read it, right?

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