my favourite reads of May 2024

Candleford Green by Flora Thompson (1943)

Candleford Green is the third book in the Lark Rise to Candleford trilogy and, like the first two, I enjoyed it very much.

Our now-teenaged heroine Laura has moved away from home to begin her first job at a post office and, as ever, she painstakingly notes the changing manners, fashions, behaviours and expectations of 1890s small-town England.

The Girl on the Boat by PG Wodehouse (1921)

A Mother’s Day gift from Charlotte that I digested immediately. The cover art on this edition is terrible 60s-style, but the book is so much fun, like all Wodehouse.

Miss Pym Disposes by Josephine Tey (1946)

I liked, but did not love this one. Miss Pym is a teacher-turned-bestselling-pop-psychology-author and agrees to deliver a lecture at a women’s college run by an old school friend. Miss Pym finds herself enjoying both the school atmosphere and the spirited young students and prolongs her stay until a fatal accident occurs, which Miss Pym has good reason to believe was not in fact an accident.

Miss Pym Disposes is categorised as a mystery novel, but I’d say it’s really a character-driven novel with a crime very near the end.

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