June 2024 in photos

As always, June was a whirlwind. End-of-school-year insanity is behind us now, but there was still more than enough going on for someone who likes her days super boring and uneventful.

Aside from two birthdays, June’s big event was an extra-long weekend in PEI visiting granddog Evie and her people. She’s a beach girl, too. Must be genetic.

Evie took us to Panmure Island, where I got the obligatory lighthouse shot.

The next day, she took us to a mysterious bridge out in the middle of nowhere where we watched a heron fishing for his lunch.

The day after that, Evie took us to Beach Point Beach because it takes more than a bit of mistiness to put us off a good beach walk. (A bee sting is what it takes, actually. Poor Foster.)

Now for the bird shots…

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