May 2024 in photos

Farewell to my father – Joseph Pius Cameron, November 19, 1940 – May 8, 2024

The aurora borealis from Wolfville Ridge, looking out across the valley.

Granddog Evie and her people suggested an afternoon at the beach, which is always a good idea.

Glen does not agree.

Baxters Harbour.

The Look-off.

I took a truly ridiculous number of photos of birds this month, but will limit myself to just a few for now.

March and April 2024 in photos

I was sick at the end of March and not up to posting anything, so today’s recap will be two months for the price of one.

This was Simon in March, taking a short breather from destroying houseplants and pots.

March 7 was an incredibly grey day, making this flock of cedar waxwings in our beech tree hard to make out. Boy, were they noisy.

The robins are nesting under the deck again this year, meaning lots of photo opportunities when they come out to find food.

The old man sunbathing. Still a heartthrob.

A young goldfinch, I think, keeping an eye on things from the deck.

The goldfinches love love LOVE picking at the seeds in whatever this tree is beside the deck. They descend upon it en masse and will easily spend an hour hopping from branch to branch looking for goodies.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I’ve been re-photographing all my completed mittens and hats for sale and it is…not my favourite thing. Who knew that accurately photographing the finished product would be the hardest part of the whole process?

January 2024 in photos

I love January. It’s cold and cloudy most of the time (the best weather) and quiet and peaceful because everyone else is too depressed to make many demands. I love wearing layers and cuddling under a blanket to read or knit and spending hours at my desk reflecting on the previous year (and all the targets I missed) and planning the year ahead (and all the goals I’m sure to fail to reach). Happy times.

A pair of eagles against a rare blue sky.

A mid-afternoon look across Wellington Dyke.

My snow-shovelling partner.

Trees in the backyard at the tail end of a snowstorm on January 29.

One of my mourning dove friends.

Eagles eagles everywhere.

Looking across the fields toward Blomidon.

Always a sucker for hay bales.

A slushy Minas Basin.

If you put a brightly coloured tractor in your field, I will take a picture of it.

Yet more eagles. Seriously, they are everywhere this year.

And a hawk, for variety.

I felt like thrumming, I guess.

my favourite things of the week

For November 27 to December 3, 2023

*A visit with this handsome young man

I knitted a blanket for his upcoming first birthday and I think he liked it – if dragging it along while blowing raspberries means he likes it, which I’m pretty sure it does. It’s been a while since I spoke toddler, though.

*A visit with my crow friends

My walking companion is too polite to say so, but I bet he is heartily sick of my need to stop and chat with the crows during every outing. They’re just so smart, and they’re my neighbours, after all. Seems rude to walk on by without a word.

*Big, moody skies

This time of year brings the drama and I love it.

*’Embroidery Woman’ (1817) by Georg Friedrich Kersting

my favourite things of the week

For November 20 to 26, 2023

*The most vocal cat I’ve ever met

This beautiful black cat popped out of the brush during one of our post-lunch walks out to the dykes and boy, did it (she? I think) have a lot to say. It was really cold that day so I hope she had a safe home to return to.

*Autumn colours persisting

The woods were still pretty yellow for November 22.

*Getting caught in a surprise snow squall

Thinking the overcast skies were harmless clouds, I suggested we push our Wednesday walk further (and further and further) and was rewarded with driving snow and bitter winds the whole way back. Still kind of fun, though.


In the photo above you can see a lump near the top of the middle tree, which we assumed was a large bald eagle because we’ve seen dozens of them this year. Surprise – it was two eagles, and the chittering they did to each other when a smaller bird/possible lunch innocently flew by was amazing to hear.

my favourite things of the week

For November 13 to 19, 2023

*Admiring this ram and his family

*After-lunch walks to get some fresh air

Except the day the manure spreader was out.

*This downy woodpecker

Easily amused, I never tire of watching them sit on their bums to eat, legs stuck straight out.

my favourite things of the week

For November 6 to 12, 2023

The weather last week was dull and grey, which was great for my overall mood and conducive to brisk after-lunch walks, but not so great for photos. I took only one the whole time.

*A blue jay wanting me to share my morning oatmeal

Luckily, I found a few more photos from last week’s trip to PEI that I don’t want to forget.


I’ve seen a bazillion dead porcupines, of course, but never a live one. This guy was ambling down the side of the road and was not interested in modelling.

p.s. Did you know a baby porcupine is called a porcupette? I mean, come on.

*Evie plotting how to join the oyster fisherman on his boat


The sky was beautiful, but we were late for supper and there was no time to stop so Foster took this one from our moving car as we raced back to Anna’s.

*The world’s sassiest dog

This is Miss Evie listening patiently to our explanation about why eating discarded tissues found in the woods is not a good idea. Unsurprisingly, she rejected our advice.

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