all hallows’ eve

So last night was Hallowe’en, which is not my favourite occasion, partly because I don’t enjoy stumbling around the neighbourhood in the dark, but mostly because I object to giving away mini chocolate bars once they are in my possession. My kids, however, insist on being kids and indulging in inconveniences such as having friends, requiring clean clothes, and trick-or-treating. Sigh.

So they dress up like gypsies:

Like Anna, seen here at the far left. She wasn’t impressed by my insistence she wear tights under her skirt, but tough. It was cold here last night. I won’t identify Anna’s friends in case their mothers don’t approve, but fortunately their faces all seem to be either disguised or obscured anyway.

Here’s Foster and Charlotte:

Foster is dressed as Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon – a last-minute costume pulled together when I realized at about 3 pm that the rain wasn’t going to stop and the costume he and The Boy Wonder were carefully creating out of cardboard (Captain Rex from Star Wars) would certainly be ruined. Cardboard + rain = an unhappy boy with a soggy cardboard helmet.  Charlotte is Velma from Scooby-Doo, in an outfit she put together entirely by herself. Pretty good, huh? I LOVE projects that don’t require my assistance.

Despite the rain and cold weather, we had more than twice as many kids as usual. Go figure.

How was your Hallowe’en? Did you play any tricks?

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  1. The kids look great. Too bad Foster couldn’t wear the costume he and Robin made. Would love to see him in it. I guess this will be the last year we spend Halloween at Marnie’s. We’ve been there for the past 10 years to help give out goodies while Marnie accompanied Justin on his trick or treating. This year he and his friends went out on their own. Justin went out as a caterpillar. We spent about 2 1/2 days making the costume. Not fun to machine-sew this bulky fibre-filled costume … especially sewing the feet into the side seams. I’ll send a picture by email. Hope the kids brought home enough chocolate bars to share with you. Justin gives most of his chocolate bars away.

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