at last

After bugging The Boy Wonder for a couple years to re-do my blog, I finally got sick of waiting and decided to do it myself. Et voila! (I was going to write ‘Et viola!’ but worried you might not realize that’s a joke. It’s one of my pet peeves, as you can imagine. One of my 23,000 pet peeves.)

Anyway, to make a long story even longer, I started fooling around with designing a new site during my fourteen seconds of free time every day and, two months later (with a little bit of last-minute help from The BW), here it is. It’s still a work in progress – as am I – so please be gentle.


4 thoughts on “at last”

  1. Took a quick look, looks fantastic. Not too cluttered but enough to keep you busy for a few minutes. I’ve always liked that picture of you for some reason. It’s got that “average gal” look combined with “What the *%$^ are you looking at!” -Jc

  2. hey Lori, it looks really good! You are definitely above average intelligence though. the only tabs I couldn’t open were ” Yo Ma” and “There she was, gone”. very happy to see you back.


  3. Your blog looks great. Nice colour too although it doesn’t sound like the colour you describe. On my screen it’s a turquoise green. Nice layout too. You should be proud of yourself. Robin is not the only artistic one in your family. For a while I thought you had given up on your blog especially since you must be extra extra busy now, adding teaching to your schedule. Good luck.

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