I demand you ooh and aah

Like a proud new mother, my main focus these days is taking pictures of the chickens.

 Seriously, I have a million of these.

 They’re just so photogenic.

 Right? Right?

Maybe that’s just another new mother thing – thinking my babies are the cutest ever?

 No, they are.

8 thoughts on “I demand you ooh and aah”

  1. They are beyond adorable. LOVE the columbian rocks – if any of those go missing you may want to check my coop! 🙂

    Little RIR is so cute too. Awwww.

    Aren’t chickens the best?

  2. That little RIR on the right in the top picture is definitely the runt of the litter. I’m kind of worried because he’s growing so much slower than the rest, but he certainly makes up for it in attitude.

  3. We bought them as day old chicks at the beginning of July (although some were a week or two older, I think) and they’re straight-run, which means a mix of girls and boys. The girls will become our laying hens and the boys will go into the freezer before winter. One rooster might make the cut, though, so we can try for our own chicks next year. We’ll see how it goes. The dogs, somewhat predictably, are intimidated and do not like going anywhere near the run. The chickens are a little too in-your-face for the dogs’ liking.

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