she won’t brag, so I will

Here’s a wet-haired Anna with the scarf she knitted – all on her own – for Papa (my Dad) for Christmas.  She made one for Jam (my Mom) too, out of a beautiful hand-painted alpaca blend, but it got away before I could snap a picture.  There were a lot of handmade things exchanged here during my one month Journey into the Heart of Darkness (the, um, cold) so maybe we should have a photo session this afternoon.

The good news for Anna is that both Papa and Jam loved their scarves. So much, in fact, that Papa has requested a matching toque. Hmpf. He’s never requested a knitted anything from me.


3 thoughts on “she won’t brag, so I will”

  1. Wonderful job Anna! And kudos to you Lori for your excellent teaching skills. You have such talented and beautiful kids.

  2. Aw, thanks, Claire. I’ll take full credit for all their good qualities and blame everything else on The Boy Wonder. 🙂

    Darling Master Nate’s Christmas card is still on our fridge, making us smile every time we see him. God, so adorable.

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