take a hike

Now that the snow is gone and the earth is beginning to thaw, our wee doggies have no excuse to lay around sleeping all day in preparation for raising hell half the night. No, it’s walkies time again – or, as we call it around here to avoid tipping them off, waltz time. (As in, “Can someone take the dogs for a waltz, please?”) So far they haven’t caught on. There’s a reason dogs aren’t man’s smartest friend.

Here’s Anna preparing to take Glen for a waltz. Note Glen’s look of discomfort as it suddenly dawns on him that this is no ordinary fashion show:

Or maybe he’s unnerved by the seemingly innocent human WEARING A TIGER’S HEAD. Better do what she says.

As Anna prepares the leash, Glen considers what’s in store for him and doesn’t like it one bit. Cue his superb stinkeye:

Ha. Just like his mama.

4 thoughts on “take a hike”

  1. It is, isn’t it? I’ve never met a dog as expressive as Glen. You should see his eyebrows furrow and tears come to his eyes when he wants something. What a ham.

  2. Love those photos! Anna’s gorgeous and what an expression on Glen’s face. He doesn’t look exactly thrilled to be going out.

  3. Yes, Anna is gorgeous. I hear it all the time. Everyone says, “Oh my God, she’s so beautiful. She must take after her father, does she?” And that’s when I give my Glen-calibre stinkeye.

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