the most (fill in the blank) time of year

As the kids get older, I find Christmas more and more enjoyable with every passing year. Sure, babies and toddlers are cute and it’s fun to dress them up and watch them scream their guts out on Santa’s knee, but they’re also needy and irritable and poop a lot, none of which are qualities I purposely seek out in friends and companions. This pre-teen age, however, is perfect. They aren’t too jaded or “cool” to be excited about Christmas, they hide themselves away for hours before Christmas to make gifts for everyone and, most importantly, they no longer beg for big, noisy, obnoxious, battery-devouring toys that make me want to hurl them (the toys, not the kids) into the driveway and back over them. Repeatedly.

No, now they want books and clothes and make-up and technology. They want to walk into Future Shop and take one of everything, essentially. Which would be expensive, but still better than having a house that looks like a Toys R Us.

Here are the young revellers, modelling t-shirts and a new tiger hat:

¬†And here’s Foster, ever-so-slightly pleased with his new Wii game:

And Charlotte (for whom every day is Hallowe’en), cuddled up with Glen in a new fuzzy blanket:

And Anna, trying to put on Glen’s new parka:

See that poor dog? That right there is the definition of resignation. Look at his limp little limbs. Why bother struggling? Just let the giant, pink, tiger-headed girl have her way and eventually she’ll get distracted and move on to something else. Fortunately, he received a ton of new toys and treats to make up for the humiliation.

My birthday, on the other hand, never seems to become more enjoyable. I turned 39 (shriek! how can this be?) on December 28 and my lovely family took me out for Chinese food before bribing me with gifts to continue doing their laundry for another year, then presented me with this:

Cupcakes decorated to look like balls of yarn. How cute is that?

4 thoughts on “the most (fill in the blank) time of year”

  1. Well, it’s all over for another year, but then it won’t be long before all the birthdays start – one after another.
    I had to take a second look there at the cupcakes. At first glance, I really thought it was yarn. Who made them? They look amazing – ingenious!

  2. Robin and the kids made the cupcakes based on an idea they saw in either Hello, Cupcake! or What’s New, Cupcake? They’re very clever, yet not so intensely decorated they tasted weird. Some of the ideas in those books look cool, but I wonder how they’d taste with all that stuff piled on top.

  3. Happy belated birthday Lori !!!! I’m sorry I’m so late, hope you had a great day. My sister broke all 3 bones in her ankle on Wed and we were looking after her 12 dogs & 2 cats. Your Christmas pictures are adorable

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