my favourite reads of February 2024

A Gentleman of Leisure by PG Wodehouse (1910)

Light-hearted, pure entertainment.

The Last of the Duchess by Caroline Blackwood (1995)

In 1980, Caroline Blackwood received an assignment to write a profile on the elderly Duchess of Windsor, but was unable to get anywhere near the Duchess thanks to her equally elderly lawyer/attack dog, Maitre Blum. This book is a fascinating account of Blackwood’s struggles to complete her assignment, including interviews with (an apparently insane) Blum and several of the Duchess’ old friends and acquaintances, all of whom had been cut off from the Duchess by Blum. Totally gripping.

Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie (1976)

Audiobook narrated by Stephanie Cole.

A clever mystery with good narration. Enjoyable knitting listening.

The Twits, The Minpins, and The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl

Audiobook narrated by Richard Ayoade, Bill Bailey and Kate Winslet

Another one I enjoyed while parked on the couch with my knitting. All three narrators perfectly captured the spirit of Dahl’s wild stories.

As an aside…

While searching for an image of my particular edition of A Gentleman of Leisure (which I couldn’t find and so had to photograph my own), I came across this monstrosity at left. Most books that are now out of copyright and can be printed and sold by anyone have weird, ugly or inappropriate cover images, but this one takes the cake. There is zero percent chance the person who chose this image has read this, or any other, PG Wodehouse. Thank you, mystery “publisher”, for the biggest laugh I’ve had this week.

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