March and April 2024 in photos

I was sick at the end of March and not up to posting anything, so today’s recap will be two months for the price of one.

This was Simon in March, taking a short breather from destroying houseplants and pots.

March 7 was an incredibly grey day, making this flock of cedar waxwings in our beech tree hard to make out. Boy, were they noisy.

The robins are nesting under the deck again this year, meaning lots of photo opportunities when they come out to find food.

The old man sunbathing. Still a heartthrob.

A young goldfinch, I think, keeping an eye on things from the deck.

The goldfinches love love LOVE picking at the seeds in whatever this tree is beside the deck. They descend upon it en masse and will easily spend an hour hopping from branch to branch looking for goodies.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I’ve been re-photographing all my completed mittens and hats for sale and it is…not my favourite thing. Who knew that accurately photographing the finished product would be the hardest part of the whole process?

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