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Well, this godforsaken heat wave seems like a good time to hide in the basement and look at the photos from my most recent expedition with the kids. Hint: It’s where the kids and I will move when (not if – when) The Boy Wonder leaves me for JLo. I hear she’s available now. And she’s totally his type, right?


See, I can say whatever I want because The Boy Wonder doesn’t actually read this blog unless I stand beside his desk saying, “Did you read my new post?” every forty-five seconds. Which is no different from anyone else I know, actually. Sigh. Is it bad manners to break into the homes of my friends and hold their computers hostage until they promise to leave a comment validating my efforts? Thought so.

In any case, here are the kids in PEI, where, when they aren’t stuffing their faces at the dairy bar, they practically live on the beach:

 They dig and build and play and I beachcomb and it’s all very nice. This was my fortieth summer of hanging out on the beach in PEI and I’m still not tired of it. Never will be, I predict.

Here are Foster and Charlotte and something in a red pail:

 What could it be?

Hey, it’s Gordon:

 Gordon the crab, who was Foster’s best friend for the day. And no, I did not name Gordon after my grandfather. I can’t believe you would think I, of all people, would be so disrespectful. Foster named him and I immediately approved, knowing it would garner a tremendous stink-eye from my mother.

Heh. She doesn’t read this blog either.

We made another friend who (in a first, I believe) went unnamed:

 He (she? I’m not up on my starfish boy and girl parts) clung to our hands with the same fervor I reserve for Swiss chocolate bars.

See that little orange dot near the middle of its back? That’s called a madreporite. Its function is to circulate water through the starfish’s body so it can move around and be the best darned starfish it can be. Did you know that?

No you didn’t, liar. Give me a break. Only this guy would have known that and he doesn’t read this blog either. (And on a side note, may I say how awesome it is that there is such a thing as The Echinoblog. I seriously admire those who are so motivated to share their love of and expertise on such a particular topic. It’s such a refreshing change from my own unfocused flakiness.)

And finally, here are the kids masquerading as ocean creatures:

 Are there children who are able to pass by these cutout boards and not beg to have their photograph taken? I have never met a kid who could resist.

Oh, and one final pro tip: If you find yourself in Summerside on a Thursday evening, try the pasta buffet at The Loyalist Country Inn on Harbour Drive. The food is good, the price is reasonable and, best of all, kids’ meals are half price. Tell them Lori sent you.

And they’ll say, “Who?”

No, seriously they will. They don’t know me from a hole in the ground.

11 thoughts on “beach bums”

  1. Saying JLo is my type is pure slander. And you thought you could get away with it, but… well, I’m not really going to do anything about it, so I guess you’re kind of getting away with it. Still. HA!

    (Nice photos)

  2. your kids look so happy, did any of you swim in the ocean? is it warm enough? one of these days, I’ll make it to the east coast. Where do you stay when you go?
    My Katie and Dave are getting married this August so we’re not planning on any holidays for awhile. kids grow up so fast.

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to be. 40 years? You are aging your uncle way too soon.
    It appears I will be unemployed the end of August, maybe I should gas up the bike and come beach comb. The pace here is way more than I care to keep up with. And I have some really good sand castle construction expertise… Always favoured the drip technique…

  4. So the one time I slander you online, you decide to show up. You know this will just encourage me, right? Get ready for slander like you’ve never seen, buddy.


  5. Katie’s getting married? Awesome. I’m so happy for her.

    And yes, you must come east ASAP. My happy kids and I will take you to the ocean where you can all swim in the coolish ocean while I stand on the beach, watching and worrying. (I worry about jellyfish stings, unseen currents, rogue waves, pretty much everything.)

    We have a couple of regular spots. If you decide to go, let me know and I’ll send names and website URLs.

  6. Well, that sucks about what sounds like involuntary unemployment. But it’s good you have a plan: come east and beachcomb and build sandcastles professionally.

    If that doesn’t make quite the living you’d hoped, you can always get yourself a team of horses and gather Irish moss.

    Or, uh, you can gather dulse and spread it out to dry and sell it.

    Okay, so you will probably end up homeless and penniless, but I will gladly let you use my outdoor hose to rinse off the sand. That’s what family is for, right?

    And yes, it’s sad but true: I will be 40 this December. If we all agree to take a giant step back 10 years, that’s fine with me. You?

  7. I would be thrilled to take a giant step 10 years back. Seeing my twenties on the horizon seems pretty good as opposed to my 30s!

    I had completely forgotten about making drip sandcastles until I read the comment about them here. Another thing to look forward to with Abby.

    Love the pictures, having never been out east, I’m settling for living vicariously through the kids!

  8. Well then, a trip east must become your first priority, Chelsea. No question. Abby will love, love, love playing on the beach. (And you will too.)

  9. So, does Home schooling start in Sept, or does it keep rolling along all year? I couldn’t do it, I would get all bossy and demanding just like when we played school as kids. I enjoyed slapping the wooden ruler against my hand too much, and using that red pen.

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